bagels, Golden Gate Bridge, and Old Buildings

The rest of my first week in San Francisco was amazing, very busy, and just as eye-opening as the first few days.

Since I’ve been so slack in updating this I’m going to have to do a bit of backtracking, so this post will be about April 10th.

On the walk to work in the morning I discovered Wallgreens, it’s a place where you go to get everything, pharmacy stuff, health and beauty, fresh produce, freshly made juice, baked goods, danswhiches, sushi, alcohol (including spirits) socks… you know it’s pretty much a supermarket, but somehow they’re a lot smaller but pack way more in, and they’re absolutely everywhere. There’s probably one on nearly every block in the center of the city! But I’ve heard lots of San Franciscoans don’t really shop there because their products aren’t all sustainably sourced or organic, etc.

It was there that I wandered around and grabbed a cheap breakfast, a $2 takaway bagel that came toasted with a knife and a pottle of cream cheese. It was delicious.

I was about halfway through said Bagel when Cat came in and announced it was time for part two of her fabulous San Francisco tour! Yes. We were going over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Luckily for us it was another lovely day, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was no fog over the bridge. I’ve found that the bridge here is often similar to Mt Taranaki, most of the time it’s covered by fog/clouds when someone new in town really wants to see it.

Also, the fog here is called Karl. he’s on twitter, and he’s a bit of a hoot. You can follow him if you like, I do:

The bridge was great, there were a few tourists there but not too many, it’s not coming into tourist season here so I’m glad we did it when we could.

Cat also told us there is actually a team of people that work all year around painting the bridge to keep it red. I thought that was pretty amazing, but a little shocked to find out that as soon as they’ve finished they have to turn around and start again. Imagine that!

A great thing to do I’m told is rent a bike by Fisherman’s Warf and bike over the bridge and go down to another little town, then catch a fairy back with your bike, it sounds great but I have yet to check that off the list!

We drove around the city a bit more after that but soon had to return to work.

That night, Shannon, Mike and I decided we’d go out to get some dinner, trying a few spots around work but they all looked pretty packed and a bit expensive for us, so we walked another block and went to an American Diner!

Well, that was an experience. I ordered a regular burger, which came with a salad and “twisty fries” (just like the curly fries in New Zealand). The salad came out about 5 minutes before the rest of the meal and was a plate with lettuce, a few croutons, and a few cherry tomatoes. It was probably the worst salad I’ve ever had, so I didn’t eat much.

The rest of the food was great, my burger was delicious, and Mike and Shannon seemed to enjoy their Fish Burger and Chicken Sandwhich.

We also saw the world’s fastest table setter/clearer. Omg this guy was insane!!! It honestly took him 30 seconds to clear a table and another 20 to reset it with napkins and cutlery. I wish I videoed him.



My First American Bagel, Golden Gate Bridge, Old Buildings and an American Diner

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