Lately I have been just itching to get my hands on some alternative source of creative outlet, and when I was faced with a problem of not being able to find a nice Macbook Air sleeve/case that I was satisfied with, the solution of both problems pretty much smacked me in the face – although my flatmate had to tell me the solution rather than me coming to my own conclusion…

On Friday night I searched high and low in shops and online for a stylish Macbook Air case, for my newly acquired work laptop, but I could not find one with all the features that I wanted, that didn’t look totally hideous, and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. When I got home I wined about the situation to my lovely friend Emily, and she said; “Why don’t you just make one?” Well, how about that.

It had been a while since I’d done any sewing, and the thought rather tickled my fancy! So the next day I went off to find some fabric and a nice button for my vision, and this is the finished result!

Amy Jo's second short FILM is a COMEDY about the pressures in society to stay LOOKING unnaturally young. Let's embrace our wrinkles!!

It features cream coloured lining, a natural woven cream fabric for the main cover, and a purple and green fern patterned fabric as the feature pocket for pens and my notebook! The cord that closes the sleeve is an old bit of leather that I found lying around, and the case has some inner padding for a bit of extra protection.

DIY, Sewing, Apple, Macbook case

I’m pretty happy with the final result, although I’m thinking I want to give this one away, I like doing that with a lot of the ‘first things I make’. Now I’m on the hunt for some vintage fabric that’s a bit more ‘me’. Let me know what you think! Any tips for making this better?

The cord that goes around the button was originally elastic, but I accidentally burnt it with the iron… oops.

As always, thanks for reading!

Anna x


I did it myself!

2 thoughts on “I did it myself!

  1. Hey Anna,

    This is fantastic! I know exactly what you mean about trying to find a decent sleeve/case for a MB Air. I got one for myself recently and still haven’t been able to find a case that I like (that isn’t $200 from the States/Germany).

    This looks awesome – you are so talented!

    Love your website, too!


    • Naawww thanks Scott!

      It’s really hard at the moment, and prices are so inflated in NZ – no fair! May as well make one if you can 🙂 Hahah I come from a family of lady sewers, it’s in my bones, even though I don’t actually sew much at all…

      But thanks for your kind words anyway, I will need to keep posting! Hope you visit again soon 🙂


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